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Black Friday

Black Friday is an event that originated in America and takes place every year on the Friday after American Thanksgiving. The Black Friday is supposed to herald the time of Christmas shopping with big discounts. Besides the tempting discounts there is also a momentous and decisive event. Black Friday was born in 1929 in New York's Wall Street. Black Thursday, due to the time difference Black Friday in Germany, symbolised the stock market crash on the American stock exchange. A few weeks earlier, there had been signs of a significant fall in prices, but on Black Friday the Dow Jones fell again rapidly, resulting in a kind of mass panic on the stock market. On Black Friday, the stock market price fell so sharply that from one day to the next, many investors were heavily indebted and their shares no longer had any value. Black Friday and the time after was an event for which there is still no comparable scenario. So Black Friday was a day that plunged many into ruin and many families into poverty from one day to the next. Today, however, Black Friday stands for an event which, with special offers and discounts, has created a huge buying frenzy around the world.


How it is doing in Germany:

Black Friday has become a very well-known and highly popular event in Germany as well. Although it only took place for the first time in Germany in 2012, it has very quickly gained in popularity. In contrast to the USA, where Black Friday is mostly used in the retail trade, the Black Friday sale here takes place mostly online.

In Germany, it still accounts for an increasing share of total sales, while the potential in the USA is already declining. This is also due to counter-movements such as Buy-Nothing-Day, which are intended to counteract modern consumer behaviour.


Start of the Christmas season:

The majority of low-cost offers consist of technical products and products from the fashion industry. You can often get an early Christmas present, for which our products are perfect. In this dark season it is of course important to be seen as well as possible. Our products make this possible! A large part of the surface of our smart backpacks consists of a reflective material, which considerably increases visibility in traffic. 

In addition, in autumn and winter it gets wet sometimes. Our stylish backpacks are water-repellent and have waterproof zippers, which keep your documents or technical equipment dry long enough for you to come home unharmed.


Cyber Monday:

Cyber Monday was originally a reaction by online merchants to the discounts on Black-Friday, which were initially implemented by offline merchants.

Cyber Monday usually follows Black Friday on the Monday after Black Friday, but never had as great an economic impact as Black Friday. On Cyber Monday the biggest discounts are found in the technology segment.


With us:

In a first step, Black-Friday was already extended to a Black-Weekend, then even to a Black-Week. And with our backpacks, fanny packs and tech organizers we will not only offer you a Black-Friday offer, but also let the discount run for the complete Black-Week. 

And we don't want to encourage modern consumerism, we just want to give you good prices for our durable, sustainable bags and backpacks.

With our backpacks you have the perfect Black Friday gadget, whether as a gift or for yourself.



On Cyber Monday, as on Black Friday, merchants are accused of artificially inflating discounts without actually giving such high discounts on the original prices. Instead, they give the high discounts on significantly higher recommended retail prices.

Of course we will not follow this trend and offer you the indicated price reduction on the original prices for the whole week.