The must haves for the bike tour in winter

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You and your bike in winter

Cycling is environmentally friendly, sporty and fun. Especially in the big city, the cycling trend is becoming more and more popular. No wonder. The dense traffic causes traffic jams, especially during rush hours. So you can neither get to work on time nor get home on time. You can avoid this traffic jam by bike. In order to be able to use this advantage of the bicycle also in winter, certain accessories are very important.

Dress warm when cycling

You can probably already imagine this, but warm clothing is essential on cold and wet winter days. Especially when cycling, for example, gloves and a cap are an absolute must have. A thick but comfortable jacket is also a must when cycling. Meanwhile, many people also put on a raincoat over their everyday clothes to get from A to B by bike as dry as possible.

Draw attention to yourself when cycling

Warm clothing is important when cycling. But nothing is as important as your safety on the bike. Definitely make sure that you do everything you can to be seen when cycling. With our fully reflective backpacks and reflective fanny packs you can provide an extra light source next to your bike, which is essential. So you can be seen better on your bike and get through the foggy and dark season more safely. Another helpful feature are reflectors on the spokes of your bike. Similar to our reflective backpacks, they reflect the incident light immediately. Another helpful feature when cycling is a bicycle helmet that is equipped with a light. This way the bicycle helmet protects you twice over! A new, super innovative company completes our must haves for cycling in winter. A Swedish company has launched the first airbag for cyclists. In the event of a fall, the airbag opens and provides maximum protection against the impending collision. We think it's a great idea and makes cycling safer in any case


There are now many ways in which cyclists can get from one place to another more safely in road traffic. Whether it's our reflective backpacks or other great features that provide additional light sources and make you more visible to other road users.