Home Office - Corona changes working life

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Since the beginning of March, working life in particular has not been the same. The living room has become the workplace and colleagues can only be reached via video chat. In this blog we want to look at the consequences of the home office and examine both the opportunities and the risks.

The pandemic is still a hot topic today. After stable corona cases in summer, now comes an important season. Winter is forcing us into closed rooms. Temperatures are dropping and the immune system is fighting the flu and other colds. After the first loosenings in summer, we too felt a little bit as if we had overcome the pandemic. The evening in a bar came closer and closer, even if only gradually. Autumn is now showing us the limits. Stricter measures are increasingly being considered again and the home office will become the norm for both students and many others.


The consequences of the home office

Suddenly everything must be there. Office chair, desk and a good laptop. Many employers try to help wherever they can. Zoom meetings and e-mail contact have come to the fore. For many people, the idea that the home office is a great and relaxed place was probably a bold thesis. When your home becomes your workplace, it may go well for a few days or weeks. But when suddenly there is no end in sight and the social contacts break off, you feel how important the otherwise normal workplace becomes. 

What do I have to consider in the home office?

Create order, provide sufficient light and call it a day. The last point in particular is difficult. If the laptop can suddenly be used at any time and no longer has its fixed place at work, it is tempting to have one or two e-mails answered even after work is over. You should definitely avoid that. You should also set up your workplace properly. It works best if you work in a place where you feel comfortable. For unnecessary cables or other accessories, you can use our tech organizer to put in all your stuff that you don't need at the moment. Also make sure you plan enough breaks. The casual conversations with work colleagues, which are usually held in the office, are no longer necessary at home. So treat yourself to a short break, go for a walk or drink a glass of water. Everything that is good for you should be enjoyed in the 10 minutes. But important! Not at your desk but somewhere else.


Home offices offer possibilities, but also limit us. Social contacts are important, which is particularly noticeable in this pandemic. Create order on your desk and separate business from private. If you manage to do this, the time spent in the home office can also be a good time.