Lightning Backpack - The perfect gift

Der Daybag - reflektierender Rucksack im Treppenhaus | OAK25

On the presents, ready, go

Crowded shops, crowded shopping streets and the smell of goodies. This is how short and concise the gift purchase could be described. Giving presents is fun, but also causes a lot of stress. Finding the perfect gift for the partner or family member is easier said than done. Friends are also happy to give tips on the perfect gift for Christmas. Jewellery is a classic among gift ideas. But the choice of jewellery is almost endless and the challenge after the perfect jewellery remains the same as before the hot tip.

Give away security

The Christmas season is a beautiful but also risky time. Besides the cold temperatures, it is well known that it gets dark quickly. Especially riding your bike in the evening becomes a real problem. We want to solve this problem and make cycling safer. With our reflective backpacks and fanny packs we have created an additional light source, making you more visible to motorists and other road users in traffic. So if you have someone in your family or with your friends who likes to ride a bike, you can make them happy with a stylish fanny pack or backpack and give them the gift of safety at the same time.

Stylische Geschenke

Fashion is also a popular gift. Finding the right top, the perfect shoes or the perfect watch is certainly not going to be easy, however, as one might expect. Tastes are literally a matter of debate. The brand variety is gigantic and the price ranges are almost endless. Fortunately, we also have a tip for you there ;)

Almost everyone needs backpacks. Whether for the office or for university, the backpack is a real must have. And backpacks are by no means boring. The variety has grown extremely in recent years. It is not easy to combine comfort in the smallest space. Nevertheless, everyone would like to have all their belongings in one bag. So why not give away a smart rucksack? With an integrated laptop compartment, a water-repellent material and plenty of room for your documents, our Luminant Bag and Daybag is perfect as a stylish, safe and practical Christmas present.

Gives away love

The most important thing at Christmas time is the time with your loved ones. A gift that costs no money and causes no stress is love. Oak25 would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful Christmas season, a stress-free gift purchase and relaxing hours with your family and friends.