Safe cycling in winter

Reflektierende Bauchtasche und reflektierender Rucksack bei Nacht | OAK25

With our backpack through the night

The dark season is approaching. A cold and challenging season is coming, especially for cyclists. It is usually dark both on the way to work and on the way home. Besides the light on the bike, reflective clothing is essential for riding through snowy, rainy and dark days. Backpacks are usually the most suitable means of transport for cycling. With our reflective backpacks it is possible to create a new source of light that makes cycling a little safer.

Water repellent backpack

Cycling is trendy, environmentally friendly and wakes us up in cold temperatures, especially in winter. Besides gloves, a warm winter jacket and waterproof shoes, technical equipment should arrive at work or university as safely as possible. The Luminant Bag and the Daybag are equipped with a reflective fabric and an additional coating that repels rain or snow. So the worries that your laptop might break down are solved and you can concentrate fully on the traffic.

With our backpack you will be seen

The dark season will also be a challenge for motorists. Cyclists are often only equipped with a small light source and are therefore poorly seen. High visibility waistcoats, additional reflectors on the spokes and luminous helmets. One trend follows the next. Our idea to use the surface of the backpack and to equip it with a reflective surface helps especially car drivers to perceive cyclists better. In addition, the reflective backpack from OAK25 is a real eye-catcher.