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smarter Businessrucksack auf dem Fahrrad | OAK25

Business casual - A much desired look in this day and age!

Our Luminant Bag enhances your outfit with its classic, minimalist design and makes your everyday life much more structured with its smart compartment division. It gives you the foundation for a confident appearance.

Does our Luminant Bag meet our definition of a business backpack?

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reflektierender Rucksack indoor | OAK25
Are you looking for a smart and stylish black backpack? Then we offer you exactly the right product with the Daybag! It combines a simple, cool look and functionality. When designing the Daybag, it was especially important to us that...
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Der Daybag - smarter Rucksack bei Tag | OAK25

backpack and washing machine? In most cases this does not fit together very well. In this blog we want to give you an understanding of how you can clean your backpack anyway. With a few simple steps you can make your backpack more durable and protect it better against different weather conditions.

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Der Daybag - reflektierender Rucksack im Treppenhaus | OAK25

Christmas is coming closer and with it the big question: What do I give all my loved ones for Christmas? Finding the perfect gift is not so easy. The choice is large, but so are the demands. How much should the gift cost? I'd rather make it myself or buy something. What if my idea is not the right one. So many questions in such a sensual time. We have something for you that will help you to solve all the stress of Christmas ;)

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