Why Fanny Packs are smart

Everyday Sling - reflektierende Bauchtasche auf dem Fahrrad | OAK25

Are construction bags smart?

Today we want to shed some light on how Sling bags can be smart and make your everyday life easier.

Often you don't have to take much with you when you go for a walk or just to the office, which is why you often ask yourself whether you really have to carry an almost empty backpack all the time. Usually it's enough to take your wallet, keys, mobile phone and handkerchiefs or similar. Of course, it's hardly worth taking a backpack for that, but for many people that's already too much to stow away in their trouser pockets. Sling bags were developed precisely for such situations.

Sling makes your everyday life easier

Sling bags are suitable for many everyday situations. For walking, jogging, travelling and many other situations. Above all, they are extremely useful when you want to take small or even larger utensils with you for which the trouser pockets are not sufficient. This is especially the case with women's trousers, as they often have only very small pockets or none at all.

Sling pockets are also very useful when cycling, as neither the mobile phone nor the keys can wear down the trousers or have an unpleasant effect on cycling.

Slings are functional

But a Sling can also be very useful at concerts and festivals, as you can often only take bags with a certain volume onto the grounds and backpacks are often excluded. This makes the Sling the best way to have your essentials with you at all times.

Upgrade your outfit with the Sling

Sling bags can add a lot of value to many outfits, because you don't just have a jacket or a jumper on, but also another accessory. With our Sling, or more precisely the Everyday Sling or the Carryall Sling, you are also a real eye-catcher because of the reflective effect!

Safety through Sling

Many people use Sling bags when travelling, as you can easily store important documents and cash in your Sling bag. In addition, Sling bags are often equipped with a security compartment on the inside, which makes it much more difficult to steal something without the owner noticing.

Our two Sling bags are also a safety factor, as they both have fully reflective surfaces. This means that you are much better seen in traffic and much better protected from accidents.