The perfect fanny pack for cycling in the city

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Safety first

Cycling is the trend. Especially in the big city, we use the bicycle more and more often to get from one appointment to the next, to escape the daily traffic or to simply explore the city with a fresh breeze.

Many cities are reacting more and more to the hype and are creating more and more cycle paths. These can often only be realised directly next to the lane of cars due to lack of space, resulting in a relatively narrow, usually 2 metre wide cycle path.

Cyclists and car drivers are therefore confronted daily with the need to cooperate with each other and above all to show consideration for each other.

This is followed by the issue of road safety. Cyclists in particular, who are on the road without sufficient protection in comparison to motorists, are exposed to great risks every day.

Especially a cyclist should therefore definitely be clearly visible in order to get safely through the busy roads. With our fully reflective rucksack, we have managed to create an additional light source that makes it easier to see cyclists in traffic.

In addition to backpacks, fanny packs have now increasingly become a "must have" in everyday life. With their small, compact and casual appearance, they are the perfect accessory for on the road and are great for smartphones, wallets and other small companions.

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Everything you need with you

Especially for relaxed bicycle tours through the city or for the way to meet friends in the park, often no more than a few essentials are needed.
At any time, the fanny pack with the most important utensils is always ready to hand, fits snugly to the body and thus makes it extremely difficult to steal valuables.

With our Everyday Sling fanny pack we aim to maximise safety on the busy roads in addition to the smart functions.
Just like our backpack, our fanny pack is fully reflective and therefore offers an additional light source to be seen better in the evening and at night.

Karma meets style

Cycling is modern, sustainable and, with the right fanny pack, also super relaxed. With our Everyday Sling fanny pack you will also be an eye-catcher in two ways. Not only does it look stylish, it also provides you with an additional light source for road traffic.