The story behind the Luminant Bag

Reflektierende Bauchtasche & reflektierender Rucksack | OAK25


We are Emil Woermann and Jacob Leffers and the founders of OAK25. We ourselves are ambitious cyclists and true city nomads. In search of a backpack that is perfectly tailored to our needs, we did not find anything.

Out of this need, we set out and developed a backpack ourselves. Important for us: safety on the road, a smart bag system and an aesthetic design.

Gründer OAK25 Emil Woermann und Jacob Leffers

Safely through the traffic with our rucksack!

The most important thing for us was that the entire surface of the Luminant Bag is made of a fully reflective material. This allows you to be clearly visible at night.
A spotlight that falls on the backpack is thrown back in full beam and creates a breathtaking reflection.
This can be life-saving, especially in the evening city traffic.
So whether you are on a bike, scooter or on foot, our backpack will protect you on the way.


OAK25 reflektierender Rucksack für die Stadt

It´s all about the details...

We use a high quality, reflective material which gives the backpack the necessary value. Thanks to its minimalist and coordinated design, the Luminant Bag remains beautifully simple in everyday use, but becomes a real eye-catcher in the dark.
reflektierender laptop city rucksack von oak 25

Be quick!

As a modern city nomad, you are on the move a lot. Even working is now done from everywhere. "..... check something here again, here again a mail...."

So it was very important to us that the Luminant Bag has a DeepL access for a laptop. So you can access your documents and devices quickly and easily at any time.
In addition, the smart backpack has two hidden compartments that allow you to store valuables more safely and easily.

Laptop Schnellzugriff Luminant Bag OAK25 reflektierender city rucksack