With 3 smart tips through the cold and dark season

Reflektierender Rucksack und reflektierende Bauchtasche von OAK25 bei Nacht

The days become shorter, the nights longer.
Summer is slowly coming to an end and not only the temperatures are beginning to drop noticeably. In fact, the topic of road safety is now increasingly coming to the fore again. Especially cyclists and pedestrians are affected by not being seen enough or even too late in traffic. With our backpack and fanny pack we have made it our business to integrate more safety into everyday life and would now like to give you 3 tips on how to get through the winter months safely, dryly and still smartly.

1. See and be seen

After a long day at the office, at university or even a long night in the bar with friends, at the end of the evening we all have one goal - to get home as quickly as possible. In the autumn and winter months it is usually already dark by then. It's especially important to be focused when it's dark. But every focus ends where there is no possibility of being seen or noticed. Our fully reflective backpack creates an additional reflective light surface, allowing you to be seen better, especially by car drivers, on the cycle path or when crossing traffic lights. 



2. Weatherproof in rainy months

Especially in our beloved Hamburg the weather is often unsettled and rainy. We also like to call it "Hamburg shifty weather". On the one hand we have to be able to rely on the protection of our rain jacket and on the other hand of course on our rucksack, which transports all our important utensils and electronic devices every day. Especially our laptop is a sensitive device and needs maximum security for all weather conditions. Our "Luminant Bag" is equipped with a laptop compartment in addition to its rain-repellent material and thus offers twice the safety for your beloved devices.


3. Smart on the road despide winter jacket and thick jumper

The sun is shining, at 25 degrees the backpack is loosely swung over the shoulder with a loose t-shirt and it's off to the office, university or park. But now the temperature drops and the sunglasses are exchanged for a jumper. A few weeks later the winter jacket is added. The voluminous look should of course still look as smart as possible. A backpack, which is comfortable to carry and has an optimal system of compartments, is the perfect companion and stylishly rounds off your winter look.