Sustainability at OAK25

Nachhaltigkeit und Umwelt bei OAK25

The topic of sustainability is very important to us. According to the motto: If not us, then who? a young start-up we feel obliged to do our part to contribute to climate neutrality as best we can. In this blog post you can find out how we deal with this topic.

GoGreen shipping with DHL

We send our packages exclusively with the GoGreen shipping of DHL. And also the returns are sent by DHL GoGreen.

DHL offers the possibility to send all packages climate neutral for an extra charge.


Return voucher on request

We will send out your return labels on request instead of attaching them to each parcel to avoid unnecessary waste per parcel.


Plastic free shipping

We are also constantly optimising our packaging. Except for the shipping bag of our fanny pack, we avoid plastic as far as possible.

We use uncoated cardboard boxes and biodegradable padding materials made of potato starch for shipping.


High quality and durable

Also not to be neglected in terms of sustainability are of course the products.

We take great care to ensure that only high-quality and durable fabrics, zippers etc. are used in all our products.

In this way we can not only guarantee high quality, but also prevent the fast moving consumer behaviour.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to produce some materials (such as the reflective fabric) in a sustainable way. We will therefore use them as durable as possible to keep the ecological footprint as low as possible.

We do our best and are always working on making our production, delivery routes and processes as sustainable as possible.