How your backpack finds its way back to you!

Found Card | OAK25

Everyone knows it. You are on the road, be it a short trip over the weekend or on your way to your next business appointment. All important things are in your backpack. Keys, documents, clothes, laptop and much more.

As soon as you don't pay attention and suddenly no one knows where the Bag is.

Some people may have a small piece of paper with a scribbled handwriting in a small side pocket, with an address to which the finder can send the bag back.

We were once in a similar situation and simply incredibly frustrated.

We sat down together and developed a system how your backpack can find its way back to you, so that our community doesn't have to go through the same thing as we did.

Rucksack verloren??!123 456 789WWW

And this is how it works:
In each of our bags there is a card with an individual nine-digit Bag-ID on it.

When you receive your bag, you can easily register it on, enter your personal details and leave a message for the finder.

If you lose your bag, the finder can scan the QR code and contact you anonymously through our site.

The best thing is that you can still change your details afterwards. So if you are abroad, your bag will not simply be sent to your home.

We are constantly working on the tool and many new features will be added.

If you have any questions about our found-tool, you can send us a message in our chat or send an email to

We are always happy to help you!